Who We Are

Who We Are

Chelsea Global Advisors, LLC was founded in 2013 by Edward Talisse. Edward is a global capital market professional with more than 25 years of experience gained at Morgan Stanley and UBS.  He is Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a holder of the Certificate of Quantitative Finance designation (CQF), a Firm Risk Manager (FRM) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He earned his Master's Degree at The State University of New York. Edward has worked as a rates trader, a hedge fund salesperson, a risk manager and in a Chief Operating Officer (COO) capacity for Morgan Stanley’s Global Interest Rate Products Group until July of 2013. Before returning to New York in 2013, Edward spent most of his professional career working outside of the United States including long assignments in London, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Edward is a recognized expert in global financial markets, and he is a frequent contributor to numerous business publications and online journals. Edward regularly lectures and leads seminars and financial training modules on topics of importance for global capital market participants, including the impact of economic regulation on the formation of asset prices.

He is an active proponent of an independent, empirical, research-driven approach to asset allocation and security selection. Edward primarily explores the main developed markets in the United States, Europe, and Asia for investment opportunities, but he will also search for rewarding prospects in less developed and emerging markets. His core investment philosophy is to build and protect real wealth, requires favoring savings over consumption, minimizing transaction costs and deferring tax consequences of investment decisions. Investors are best served by establishing a long-term plan that is consistent with the investor's goals and risk preferences that embed realistic expected return and volatility assumptions.  

Mission Statement

To empower our clients to meet their financial goals by providing in-depth, intelligent, complete and understandable solutions. By exclusively focusing on challenges facing our clients and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, we provide our clients with the information and tools required to make informed financial decisions. We offer our services with a dedication to the highest quality of client satisfaction delivered in a professional, independent and courteous manner.

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