Thematic Research

Thematic Research

CGA Market Outlook (Page Under Construction)

01/04/2016   Curb Your Enthusiasm

01/31/2015    January Blues
01/19/2015    The Swiss Shocker
01/12/2015    Mind Your Ps and Qs


11/02/2014   Back To Black
10/15/2014    What Is To Be Done?
10/08/2014    The Riddle In The Sands
09/26/2014   Ferdinand The Bull
09/12/2014   Cash Only 
09/02/2014   Dead On Arrival- Living Wills and Liquidity
08/25/2014   The Price is Right - The S&P 500 Index                                Deconstructed  
08/14/2014   Asset Shortage
08/04/2014   Financials and Bank Performances
07/27/2104   Anything Built By the Fed Can Also Be                                Destroyed
07/21/2014   Hands off My Cash Monty
07/17/2014   Road Kill
07/07/2014   The Tide is High                     
06/30/2014   Ten Years Gone                     
06/23/2014   Modern Guilt                            
06/16/2014   The Logical Song                    
06/02/2014   Don't Look Back in Anger       
05/26/2014   Wheels of Confusion                 

CQF Video Series 

Weekly Market Commentary

Please watch Chelsea Global Advisors CEO, Edward Talisse, Weekly Capital Markets Video Series for The CQF Institute. The CQF site requires a password. Sign up is free and will provide you many of the CQF Institute's resources.

Market Commentary – US Jobs Report 
9 February 2015 - Duration: 10 minutes 
In this episode of his market commentary Ed Talisse discusses the recently released employment data which shows an increase in both employment and the average hourly wages and the impact the changes in the employment situation data will have on the decisions the FED will make about the tightening cycle. Before looking at trading ideas which could be effective during the tightening cycle based on the history of past tightening cycles.

US Jobs Report 
Market Commentary - US Jobs Report 

Thematic Research

Current Micro Market Infrastructure Research Interests:

SEFs, CCPS, and DCOs - What is the Real Cost?
Why is Bank Technology So Expensive?
Liquidity and Collateral, Who Pays the Freight?

These and other thematic pieces will be published here and hopefully, in other Industry publications as well. Please email us if you have ideas for other areas of potential research.

Previously Published 

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Does the Monthly U.S, Jobs Report Matter?
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